My Approach
One of the secrets of life is to make stepping stones out of stumbling blocks - Jack Penn

How will I know if counselling or psychotherapy will help?

After one session you might feel better because sharing a burden can be therapeutic in itself. However the process can also bring up uncomfortable memories, emotions or realisations which you perhaps never thought of before. These insights are really important and when you are ready to do so, we would try to make sense of them.

You may find that the benefits of counselling and psychotherapy can build up over even a short space of time or might take longer. It's difficult to predict because everyone is different and there is no 'right' or 'wrong' way of being in counselling or psychotherapy, or in fact in life. That discovery, of finding your own truth, is what makes it such a creative and meaningful experience for many people who come.

My counselling and psychotherapy practice is 'integrative'.

In the way I work, this means that the worries you bring to sessions are not only important in themselves, but might also be connected to other parts of your life or events that have happened in the past. You might have a sense that this is the case, and I can help you find the 'ah-ha' moment when something falls into place.

For example, at first you may want to talk through something which is happening or has happened recently. This may lead you to wider questions - your values, your goals, your self-image, your family, your health - all sorts of related avenues. Together we could explore how to understand these different aspects of who you are and have some support while you work out where to go next.

The other key to the way I work is my belief that that we all have inner qualities which we lose sight of through the damaging experiences we have had during our lives to date. Although it may not seem so at the beginning, in the right environment it can be possible to re-discover yourself and your resources so you can use them in future when life gets tough again.

Eventually you may decide to make small or big shifts in your life as a result of what you learn and practise in our sessions. When you start by looking at what is not working for you in the company of the right counsellor or psychotherapist, you can get an idea about what needs to change and how to go about it.

I understand that there will be times when it will be hard or even impossible to talk. When that happens, there are some gentle, different ways of exploring thoughts and feelings which we can use. Above all though, I aim to respect you as an individual in what you chose to share during sessions.

It is my routine practice that we negotiate and agree a written contract at the start of our work together which explains the commitment and expectations both of us make. We would review our work together periodically to ensure if fulfills your needs and if not to explore other options which might be more useful. Confidentiality is a core component of the work of any counsellor or psychotherapist, and I am fully signed up to the principles of Data Protection.

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